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Antifouling Paint Types

Self-polishing antifouls- the top layer of paint dissolves at a predictable rate revealing fresh layers of biocide in contact with the water (the boat needs to be used to wash away the depleted layer). Ideal for cruisers and sailing boats but will wear away too quickly if the boat goes more than 30 knots, is moored in silty conditions or is used very frequently.

CU-PRO - Contains a level of copper and biocide usually only found in commercial antifouling and is the strongest available to leisure users, it can give service intervals of up to three years.

Mare Nostrum - A good quality antifoul suitable for most craft, comes in 2.5 litre tins. Use NonStop for faster sail boats and cruisers  or if you find a normal antifouling dosn't last the season.

Aqualine Spray - Comes in a convenient spray. Suitable for out drives, flaps, shafts and outboard motors. Also useful for a small dinghy which is left in the water all of the time.

Hard antifouling paint- The binder is insoluble so the performance of the product decreases progressively throughout the season. It is resistant to abrasion and is suitable for speed boats and racing yachts. It may be polished to give a smooth surface.

Racing Antifouling - For speedboats and racing yachts that need to polish the hull. Also good for moorings that have a high silt level or that dry out.


The Jotun commercial antifouling (Yellow and red tins); SeaForce 30M, SeaForce 60M, SeaForce 90, SeaQuantum Classic and SeaQuantum Ultra are not available to leisure users and cannot be ordered online. To purchase Jotun commercial antifouling you will need to provide proof of commercial application via email and we will call you back.



A kit containing 1 x Vinyl Primer Spray and 1 x Aqualine Spray.

From £28.30

A selfpolishing antifouling product for drives, flaps, shafts, outboard motors and other light metal components found below the water-line.

From £18.15

Premium self-polishing antifouling with a commercial grade biocide to give service interval of up to three years.

From £140.00


A great vale for money kit, containing all you need! 5 litres of Cu-Pro antifouling in the colour of your choice, 2.5 litres of SHIELD underwater primer, and 1 litre of CU-PRO thinner.

From £165.00


Mare Nostrum SP is a budget, self-polishing antifouling that is suitable for all types of boats. It provides a good result for a whole season. Note: only WHITE (which is a creamy colour) is suitable for aluminium hulls.

From £71.00


Self-polishing antifoul that is based on specially controlled depletion binders which ensure a totally active surface.

From £101.00


Racing is a hard antifouling that gives a smooth and polishable surface and also ensures no chalking. It is suitable for boats cruising in all ranges of speed, and is ideal for fast motor boats.

From £107.00

Seaforce 30M is a high performance, medium to high strength, copper oxide based self-polishing antifouling that will give 2-3 years service.

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High-solids, self-polishing antifouling, to be used on vessels operating in global service with drydocking intervals up to 36 months on the vertical side and up to 60 months on the flatbottom, when good fouling protection / performance is important.

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Self-polishing antifouling for vessels operating in global trade, offering up to 60 months protection on flat bottom, sides and boottop, with high performance biocides and low leached layer. Recommended for vessels trading at high speed (over 18 knots) and high frequency.

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Tin-free high performance selfsmoothing & selfpolishing antifouling for vessels trading at medium speeds, with drydocking intervals up to 60 months.

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Tin-free high performance selfpolishing antifouling / biofoul for vessels trading at low speeds and frequent port calls, and static exposure. The specially formulated biocide package is held in a hydrolysing organosilyl polymer binder, which dissolves in seawater at a rate permitting the continuous exposure of fresh antifouling.

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An advanced hard antifouling that provides a smooth and scrubbable surface making it ideal for use at the waterline. Now discontinued, please call 01285 862132 for advice.

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STRIPPIT antifouling remover has been designed to remove old antifouling from GRP & wooden craft with the minimum of effort without damaging the gel coat or epoxy coatings. (Do not use on bare timber). It is effective on most types of self polishing and leaching antifouling.

From £42.35

Vinyl Primer Spray is a one component, aluminium pigmented vinyl modified primer specially developed for areas to be coated with Aqualine Spray, such as stern drives, flaps, outboard engines, propellers, etc. Fast drying product.

From £15.40

TOP TIP: With self-polishing antifouling the more coats you apply the longer it lasts. It also has a shorter shelf life than other paints so don't leave it in the tin for next year - get it on the boat!


All our antifouling’s are suitable for GRP, wood, steel and ferro cement boats. Aluminium boats will require the white colours only. If there is antifouling already on the boat, and you are not sure what it is, it would be best to remove it with Strippit antifouling remover or give it a coat of Underwater Primer to seal it and provide a stable surface for the new coating. If you are using the same antifoul as a previous season, and it is in a sound condition, you can just give the hull a wash and a wet sand then apply the new paint.


Antifouling primer


If this is the first time the boat has been antifouled or you have removed any previous coatings this would be a good time to look at the condition on of the hull and, if necessary, apply an epoxy primer such as SHIELD High Build Epoxy Primer or Jotun Penguard HB, to protect a GRP or aluminium hull, or SHIELD ST Epoxy Primer or Jotun Jotamastic 90 for steel or ferro cement hulls, prior to applying an antifouling primer or tie coat.


Antifouling paints may not adhere well to bare GRP or epoxy primers used to protect GRP, metal or ferro cement hulls so you will need to apply a specialist primer (also known as a tie coat) such as SHIELD Underwater Primer, in 2.5 litre tins, or Jotun Vinyguard Silvergrey in 5 litre tins. These products will adhere well to the hull and provide a good surface for the new antifouling. You will also need to apply an antifouling primer to seal over an unknown antifouling (free from fouling and loose paint) if it is not being removed.


For further reading on antifouling products please view our Antifouling Answers page and for our response to the ongoing discussion on the avalibility of commercial antifouling to leisure users see our page on Commercial vs Leisure Antifouling.


As always we want you to be safe using any product purchased from us so we encourage you to also read our section on Health and Safety.


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