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CU-PRO is an antifouling product developed here at SML Marine Paints. It contains a level of biocide usually only found in commercial antifoulings and can give service intervals of up to three years. Due to new regulations brought in during 2017 the formula for Cu-Pro has been updated through removal of one active ingredient and increasing the more expensive copper component to compensate.


We consider our antifouling range to be the most effective and best value antifoulings available today. Jotun has been at the forefront of research and development of antifoulings and their products save boat and ship owners millions of pounds in fuel savings and maintenance costs every year. Jotun products are used on more than 30% of the World's merchant fleet.

The Jotun commercial antifoulings (red and orange tins) are not available to order online. To purchase Jotun commercial antifoulings please call us on 01285 862132.

The Leisure range (blue tins) can be purchased online and applied by anyone taking the usual safety precautions with a paint project and we suggest everyone reads our Health, Safety & Environment page.


Premium self-polishing antifouling with a commercial grade biocide to give service interval of up to three years.

From £125.00

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A great vale for money kit, containing all you need! 5 litres of Cu-Pro antifouling in the colour of your choice, 2.5 litres of CU-PRO underwater primer, and 1 litre of CU-PRO thinner, all for just £135 + VAT!

From £135.00


Mare Nostrum SP is a budget, self-polishing antifouling that is suitable for all types of boats. It provides a good result for a whole season. Note: only WHITE (which is a creamy colour) is suitable for aluminium hulls.

From £59.95


Self-polishing antifoul that is based on specially controlled depletion binders which ensure a totally active surface.

From £90.00


Racing is a hard antifouling that gives a smooth and polishable surface and also ensures no chalking. It is suitable for boats cruising in all ranges of speed, and is ideal for fast motor boats.

From £90.00

Seaforce 30M is a high performance, medium to high strength, copper oxide based self-polishing antifouling that will give 2-3 years service.

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High-solids, self-polishing antifouling, to be used on vessels operating in global service with drydocking intervals up to 36 months on the vertical side and up to 60 months on the flatbottom, when good fouling protection / performance is important.

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Self-polishing antifouling for vessels operating in global trade, offering up to 60 months protection on flat bottom, sides and boottop, with high performance biocides and low leached layer. Recommended for vessels trading at high speed (over 18 knots) and high frequency.

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Tin-free high performance selfsmoothing & selfpolishing antifouling for vessels trading at medium speeds, with drydocking intervals up to 60 months.

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Tin-free high performance selfpolishing antifouling / biofoul for vessels trading at low speeds and frequent port calls, and static exposure. The specially formulated biocide package is held in a hydrolysing organosilyl polymer binder, which dissolves in seawater at a rate permitting the continuous exposure of fresh antifouling.

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An advanced hard antifouling that provides a smooth and scrubbable surface making it ideal for use at the waterline.

From £19.95

STRIPPIT antifouling & single pack paint remover has been designed to remove old antifouling and conventional paints from GRP & wooden craft with the minimum of effort without damaging the gel coat or epoxy coatings. (Do not use on bare timber). It is effective on most types of self polishing and leaching antifouling, & most single-pack paints.

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