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Safeguard Universal ES

Jotun Safeguard Universal ES is a two-component epoxy vinyl coating. It is designed for use as a primer underneath Jotun antifouling or as a sealer coat over old antifouling.  The preferred solution is to avoid as much as possible overlapping the new sealer coat on top of existing intact antifouling. If used as a tie coat applied with dry film thickness 50-75 μm on existing antifouling systems, it is recommended to add 5-10 % Jotun Thinner No. 17.

Safeguard Universal ES also provides added corrosion protection when used as part of a two-pack epoxy paint system.  Antifouling can be applied directly over Safeguard Universal ES.

Available in an 18 litre pack. (15 litres Comp A + 3 litres Comp B)

Below Water
Safeguard Universal ES
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