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Yachting range

A selection of products from Jotun's premium Yachting range.

AntiPest is a two-pack epoxy, suitable as a long exposure undercoat for epoxy and polyurethane systems and is designed to prevent the osmosis in fibreglass boats. AntiPest has excellent flow-out qualities and can be used both as primer for all types of substrates, including steel, fibre glass, aluminium and marine timber. It is also suitable as an intermediate adhesion undercoat for polyurethane or antifoulings. An ideal product for priming gelcoat before applying antifoulings.

From £52.60

Aqualine Optima Spray is a specially developed selfpolishing antifouling product for drives, flaps, shafts, outboard motors and other light metal components found below the water-line.

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A high gloss, high quality topcoat, with very good levelling characteristics. Easy to apply by brush & roller, it is fast drying and has very good hiding power. Excellent gloss & colour retention. Available in 0.75 L only.

From £14.55


A high quality alkyd primer, EasyPrimer offers excellent filling & levelling properties, it is fast drying, and has very good hiding power. Available in White or Grey, in 0.75L.

From £12.49

A high-density, hand-applied two-component epoxy filler that leaves a smooth, strong and sandable surface. It has good resistance to water and solvents, has very strong cohesion/adhesion properties and is more flexible than most epoxy fillers.

From £35.75

A two-pack, ultra-lightweight epoxy filler that can be used to build extremely high film thickness. It is very easy to sand, but is more porous and leaves a more irregular surface than Finishing Filler.

From £119.15


Mare Nostrum SP is a self-polishing antifoul from the Jotun Yachting range, It is suitable for all types of boats and all substrates. Note: only WHITE is suitable for aluminium hulls. FREE DELIVERY ON THIS ITEM

From £49.95


Self-polishing antifoul that is based on specially controlled depletion binders which ensure a totally active surface. REDUCED FROM £77.95!

From £71.25


Racing is an advanced hard antifouling that gives a hard, smooth and polishable surface and also ensures no chalking. It is suitable for boats cruising in all ranges of speed, and is ideal for fast motor boats. REDUCED FROM £78.95!

From £67.50


Ravilakk is a glossy varnish that is made from Chinese wood oil, synthetic amber and other high-grade raw materials. It has good water and wear resistance and dries quickly. The product gives the wood a slightly yellowish, golden tone.

From £14.95

Jotun Teak Oil is designed to protect the teak deck and other wooden surfaces from oxidation and the usual problems caused by environmental agents.

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TopOne has been replaced by EasyGloss which is available in many more colours.

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Vinyl Primer is a quick drying, one-component modified vinyl primer/sealer pigmented with aluminium flakes for added water resistance. It can be used both above and below the water line and is an excellent tiecoat.

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