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Synthetic bristle brushes such as the Premier Synthetic, Professional Synthetic and the Advantage Brush Set have little to no bristle loss but hold less paint than a natural bristle brush.           

Natural bristle brushes such as the Premier Bristle hold more paint for easier application but due to the non-conformity of the bristles can shed the occasional one in use.

Mixed bristle brushes such as the Contractor and the ProDec 3 Brush Set offer a value 'disposable' option while offering good paint loading and minimal bristle loss.

TOP TIP: Synthetic bristle - bent bristles can be restored by dipping in hot water. Natural bristle - maintain brushes by cleaning and wrapping in newspaper while slightly damp.

Advantage Brush Set 10 pack

No Bristle loss and high performance brush set. 100% Synthetic filaments for great coverage and a smooth release of paint for a fine finish. Good performance with all paints and varnishes.

Contractor Brush

Quality mix of natural and synthetic bristle for use with all paints and varnishes Excellent paint loading for great coverage Flagged filaments for smooth paint release and finish Kaiser shaped handle for great control

Easy-Flo 3 Brush Set

No bristle loss. High performance with all paints and varnishes. Easier to clean synthetic bristles. Soft grip handle for greater comfort and control.

Professional Synthetic Brush

100% Synthetic bristle for long life and no bristle loss High paint loading for outstanding coverage Flagged bristles for smooth paint release and fine finish Traditional wooden beavertail handle for comfort Available in 1", 1.5", 2" and 3" Ferrule - Stainless steel Ideal uses - All paints and varnishes

These topcoat rollers have been tested by our regular customers and we think provide the best finish possible. The SuperSmooth Flock is our best selling roller but each type has it's supporters. You will require a 4"/6" roller frame to hold these rollers.

4" Superfine Foam Roller

Unique concave end makes it possible to roll corners precisely and eliminates tram lines. High density foam for a smooth, high quality finish on flat surfaces. Solvent resistant so will not dissolve or fall apart even when exposed to the strongest two-pack thinner. Available in packs of 5 or 10.

4" SuperSmooth Flock Roller

Available in packs of 5 or 10 rollers, these are excellent value & highly recommended by the trade for all Jotun single & two-pack topcoats!

SML SuperSmooth Flock Roller 9 inch

Magic Felt roller sleeves are suitable for gloss, primers, varnishes and all oil and solvent based paints. For use on smooth or slightly textured surfaces. Requires a 9 inch Roller Cage.

Excellent value rollers where a fine finish is not required but the ability to hold more paint to save time and effort is. Our Blue Stripe rollers are perfect for applying primers and antifouling. Do not be tempted to go too big. For most situations the 4" size provides the best compromise between getting the paint on quickly and not suffering from wrist fatigue from a heavy roller loaded with paint. You will require a roller frame or cage to hold these rollers.

Microfibre Roller 9 inch x 12mm

A roller that is suitable for use when applying antifouling and primers.

SML Blue Stripe Roller

Thermobonded and solvent resistant for reduced fibre shedding. Available in various lengths and pack sizes. Ideal uses - Antifouling, single & 2 pack Primers.

TOP TIP: If you have not used a Handled Paint Cup before we would recommend them over a normal roller tray when using 4” rollers. You use the flat edge to load the roller and the handle makes it easier to walk around painting rather than balancing a tray on a flat surface and having to bend down each time. The hollow handle also acts a storage for a small brush for detail work.

Extension Pole

High quality, durable extension poles, either 2' - 4', 3' - 6' or 4'-8', making painting large areas quicker and easier. This extension pole has a screwfit end and comes with a push-fit adapter making it compatible with virtually any roller frame.

Handled Paint Cup

Handled / shaped paint cup for comfort and ease of use: Paint grid with raised edge aids loading of paint and removal of excess. Recessed corners for pouring. Shaped side allows mini-roller to be rested in cup.

Paint Scuttle

A black plastic paint scuttle available in 5L, 10L and 15L sizes. Durable and suitable for multi-use.

Roller Frames/ Cages

A selection of roller frames and cages in varying sizes and lengths.

Roller Trays

Plastic roller trays that are available in 4", 9" and 11" sizes. The 11" roller tray is heavy duty, reusable and suitable for use with larger rollers and when painting larger areas.

Scuttle Liners

A pack of 8 liners designed to fit inside a 9L scuttle

Our Disposable Coveralls cost less than a T-shirt so why risk ruining, even old, clothes? If you are messy get a few. When painting it is not unusual to get a blob of paint on you unnoticed only to show up when you sit back in the car or lean on something – much better to remove a layer and get rid! If using Strippit Antifouling Remover a PPE kit is essential!

Deluxe Indirect Vented Goggles **NEW**

Scratch resistant safety Goggles with clear panoramic lens and flexible PVC frame and reduced risk of fogging

Disposable Coveralls

Good quality disposable coveralls available in three different sizes.

Disposable Gloves Pack of 10

Top quality, tear resistant, disposable nitrile gloves. They are solvent resistant and powder free. Ideal for use with all paint, in particular they provide protection when applying antifouling, two-pack polyurethanes and two-pack epoxys. Available as a pack of 10 only.

FFP3 Fold Flat Respirator **NEW**

Premium individually wrapped disposable mask

Jotun Anti-Skid is sprinkled into the penultimate coat of paint for an effective anti-skid surface on decks, gangways and piers. Use a 15cm Sieve to spread the medium grade.
SML Anti-Slip Beads provide a less aggressive anti-slip surface more suitable for leisure craft. SML Anti-Slip Beads are mixed into the final coat of paint for a single step application.

Jotun Anti-Skid Additive

Jotun Anti-Skid Additive is made from aluminium oxide particles. It can be used with both single pack and two pack topcoats to provide a non-slip finish.

Medium sieve (approx. 18cm)

15 cm sieve, to aid even spreading of Jotun anti-skid additive. Suitable for Medium grade only.

SML Anti-Slip Beads

For use in single pack or two-pack topcoats to give a non-slip finish. Anti-Slip Beads are excellent for use on decking and walkways.

Jotun Yachting fillers are all two components epoxies, with a mixing ratio ratio is 1:1 both by weight and volume, so it is very easy to get the correct mixing proportion for any quantity needed.


Mega Filler Smooth 4L pack

A two-pack epoxy filler with good sanding properties, strong adhesion, and good resistance to mechanical impact, solvent & water ingress.

Pack of 4 Filling Blades

Pack of 4 flexible steel blades with plastic handles for small mixing and filling jobs. Pack contains one each of the following 120mm, 100mm, 80mm and 50mm wide blades.

Flexible Sandpaper is cloth-backed for durability and maximum flexibility. Our Value Sandpaper is paper backed and is more disposable once clogged.

Finishing Sandpaper

Fine finishing abrasive paper that is ideal for wet or dry sanding. Paper contains anti-clogging agent, which increases useful life. Grit particles are uniform in size, virtually eliminating sanding scratches. Perfect for topcoats & varnishes. Each roll is 115mm wide and 5m long.

Flexible Sandpaper Cloth Backed - 5 metre roll

Premium quality sandpaper available in several grades. The abrasive surface is cloth-backed rather than paper backed. This provides maximum flexibility and makes it extremely resistant to clogging and cracking. Much more durable than normal sandpaper.

Value Sandpaper 5m roll

Aluminium Oxide Sandpaper in 5m rolls, available in a choice of 4 grades - 60 grit, 120 grit, 180 grit, and 240 grit, at an excellent price! 115mm width is ideal for machine sanders.

Value Sandpaper Pack

Mixed pack of 4 x 1 m rolls of Aluminium Oxide sandpaper including 60, 120, 180 & 240 grit, or 3 x 5m rolls one each of 60 grit, 120 grit and 240 grit. 115mm width is ideal for machine sanders.

TOP TIP: Our Weighing Scales and Mixing Cups make mixing anything other than the full tin of paint much easier. We have calculated and privide Mixing By Weight Tables for most of the 2-pack paints we supply (For SHIELD AND LUSTRE products see the Data Sheets) and it is far more accurate than mixing by volume.

Drill Bit Stirrers

Paint stirrers that fits most electric drills for fast, efficient mixing of paint. Essential for stirring antifoulings and when mixing two-pack paints.

Low Tack Tape - 50m

High Tech masking tape developed to give excellent barrier properties, eliminating paint bleed to ensure the ultimate in sharp paint lines and guaranteeing a professional finish every time. Suitable for use on delicate surfaces - always try a small area first. Available in 1", 1.5" and 2" widths.

Mixing Cups

A plastic container available in 1.1L or 2.5L sizes for mixing small quantities of two-pack paints.

Pack of 4 Filling Blades

Pack of 4 flexible steel blades with plastic handles for small mixing and filling jobs. Pack contains one each of the following 120mm, 100mm, 80mm and 50mm wide blades.

Paint Tin Opener

Top quality heavy gauge stainless steel tin opener specially designed for use with lever lid tins. Opens tins with a minimum of damage. Includes key ring attachment.

Painters Rags 1kg

Quality lint-free painters rags 1kg

Penguard LT Additive

Penguard Low Temperature Additive is an additive that will assist drying and curing of Penguard paints at low temperatures (down to 2ºC).

Pre-Masked Polythene Roll

Disposable polythene dust sheet pre-masked with Precision Edge tape.

Primer Tint 90ml

Use to differentiate between coats. Apply a small amount of this tint so the second coat shows as a different colour to the first coat thereby ensuring even coverage and better protection.


Paint Stirrers, Mixing Sticks, Paste Mixing Sticks. Material: 100% certified beech wood

Strippit Kits

STRIPPIT antifouling remover has been designed to remove old antifouling from GRP & wooden craft with the minimum of effort without damaging the gel coat or epoxy coatings. (Do not use on bare timber). It is effective on most types of self polishing and leaching antifouling.

Weighing Scales c/w Batteries

Digital weighing scales that are ideal for weighing out the correct proportions of each component when mixing two pack paints.

Wet Film Gauge

For measuring wet film thickness of paints, varnishes, antifouling and many other wet coatings that are sprayed, dipped or brushed on a smooth surface. Tricomb Wet Film Gauges are not calibrated and should only be relied on to give an indication of film thickness.

BS & RAL Colour Charts

A comprehsive range of BS and RAL colours in one place.

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