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Two-Pack Primers

A wide range of two-pack epoxy primers including Jotamastic, Penguard and Jotacote Universal.

AntiPest is a two-pack epoxy, suitable as a long exposure undercoat for epoxy and polyurethane systems and is designed to prevent the osmosis in fibreglass boats.

From £52.50


A high build epoxy primer suitable for application over traditional bitumen based hull blacking where an epoxy system is preferred!

From £58.00

Jotun Balloxy HB Light is a two-pack, high build epoxy coating for use in ballast tanks, cofferdams and in areas with condensation where blast cleaning isn't always possible.

From £126.00

Jotun Baltoflake is a quick curing, abrasion resistant polyester coating that is reinforced with glass flake and provides long term corrosion protection. It is ideal for areas subject to extreme mechanical wear.

From £310.00


Barrier is a two-pack, zinc rich, epoxy primer. Barrier is used in combination with other primers to further improve corrosion protection. Total zinc content = 86%.

From £78.50


Barrier is a two-pack, zinc rich, epoxy primer. Barrier is used in combination with other primers to further improve corrosion protection. Total zinc content = 90%

From £167.50

Jotacote Universal is a high build, abrasion resistant two-pack epoxy primer that can be applied at high film thickness. It can be used both as a primer and finish coat. NOW REPLACED BY JOTACOTE UNIVERSAL N10.

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Muki EPS is a multi-functional quick drying primer that contains iron oxide pigment. It is a two-pack epoxy and allows for fair cutting and welding.

From £99.75

Penguard Clear Sealer is a transparent two-pack epoxy sealer with excellent waterproofing qualities.

From £41.95


Penguard FC is a high build, two-pack epoxy coating that can be used as a topcoat in an epoxy paint system or as a single coat system on steel and concrete.

From £41.95

Penguard HB is a high build, two-pack pure epoxy primer. It is ideal for application on GRP or gelcoat as it provides excellent waterproofing and will help prevent osmosis.

From £39.85


Penguard HSP is a fast drying, high solids two-pack epoxy coating. Penguard HSP provides corrosion protection to steel in an urban and industrial atmosphere.

From £123.00

Penguard Low Temperature Additive is an additive that will assist drying and curing of Penguard paints at low temperatures (down to 2ºC).

From £4.50

A two-pack epoxy primer certified not to spread surface flame. It should be used as a first coat on aluminium and galvanised steel to ensure good paint adhesion. Available in 5 litre & 20 litre packs, including hardener.

From £39.85

Use to differentiate between coats. Apply a small amount of this tint so the second coat shows as a different colour to the first coat thereby ensuring even coverage and better protection.

From £3.10


Safeguard Universal ES is a two-component epoxy-vinyl coating that is ideal for use as a primer before the application of Jotun antifouling.

From £136.50


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