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Free Paint Test Kit

If you intend to use a two-pack paint over an unknown coating you will need to test the current coating first. If you try to apply a two pack over a single pack paint the solvents in the two pack could act like a paint stripper and make something of a mess! We have created a test kit, which is essentially a cloth soaked in epoxy thinners, which you can place on the surface you want to paint to see if there is a reaction.

Please note THIS KIT COULD DAMAGE THE AREA YOU ARE TESTING! A reaction could be a bubbling or a softening of the paint which would be revealed by scratching with a fingernail or similar device. THIS KIT IS A GUIDE ONLY! If there is no reaction at all it is reasonable to conclude that you will be able to overcoat with a two pack paint but it is not guaranteed in any way. A kit will be sent free of charge on completion of the form below. If you require any advice on your project or using the Paint test kit please call us on 01285 862 132.

Paint Test Kit

Instructions for using the SML Paint Test Kit

  1. Open the sachet and place the folded cloth onto the area to be tested.
  2. Use the supplied sticky label to hold the cloth in place. Wash your hands with soap and water.
  3. After 30 minutes remove the label and cloth. Place the used cloth in the old sachet and dispose of responsibly. Wash your hands with soap and water.
  4. If there is no reaction with the test area you should be able to apply a 2 pack paint directly to the surface.

This test is only intended as a guide and is not a definitive test. Contact SML Paints and Coatings if you need any advice on this kit or paints and coatings in general.

Get Your SML Paint Test Kit

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