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Single Pack Primers

A range of easy to use, economical and effective primers for use in a corrosive environment.

Vinyguard Silvergrey - A quick drying, modified vinyl primer, ideal as a tie coat or as a sealer for an antifouling system. Use Underwater Primer or Vinyl Primer Spray for smaller sizes.
Pilot QD Primer - A quick drying alkyd based primer with zinc phosphate for corrosion prevention above the waterline only in moderate, non-aggressive environments.
Alkydprimer - Excellent hiding power, can be applied to most existing coatings.
Can used as a topcoat with a matt finish. Resistant to heat up to 120°C. For a smaller size use EasyPrimer.
Ballastic Black Premium Hull Blacking – A high build bitumen coating that is ideal for use below the waterline on narrowboats, canal boats and for vessels on the inland waterways.
Conseal TU Aluminium - One-coat solution aluminium coloured, high build, self-priming topcoat which can be applied direct to metal.

Alkydprimer is a single pack oil based primer/undercoat for use on steel, wood and aluminium surfaces where Pilot II is the desired finish coat. It can also be used as a topcoat when a matt finish is required.

From £29.50


The one-product solution! Conseal Touch Up Aluminium is a single pack, high build, self-priming topcoat which can be applied direct to metal. Available in 5 litre & 20 litre sizes.

From £39.90

A traditional alkyd primer, EasyPrimer offers good filling & levelling properties. Available in White or Grey, in 0.75L.

From £13.90

Pilot QD Primer is a single pack, fast drying alkyd based primer with zinc phosphate as an active corrosion preventing pigment. It is for use above the waterline on steel or aluminium structures in moderate non-aggressive environments.

From £29.50

Use to differentiate between coats. Apply a small amount of this tint so the second coat shows as a different colour to the first coat thereby ensuring even coverage and better protection.

From £3.10


Ballastic Black narrowboat and canal boat hull blacking is an equivalent to Intertuf 16 and Rylards Rytex, but has a higher percentage of volume solids than both products. This means that when applied at the same spreading rate as competitor's products, Ballastic Black will provide a thicker coating which will give better corrosion protection and, perhaps more importantly, at a lower cost. It is a bitumen based coating that is extremely waterproof and easy to apply. It can be applied on bare steel or over existing coatings.

From £29.95

Vinyguard Silvergrey is a quick drying, modified vinyl primer, recommended as a tie coat or as a sealer for an antifouling system. It is very water resistant and is excellent above and below the waterline as part of a single pack paint system.

From £29.50

Vinyl Primer is a quick drying, one-component modified vinyl primer/sealer pigmented with aluminium flakes for added water resistance. It can be used both above and below the water line and is an excellent tiecoat.

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Vinyl Primer Spray is a one component, aluminium pigmented vinyl modified primer specially developed for areas to be coated with Aqualine Spray, such as stern drives, flaps, outboard engines, propellers, etc. Fast drying product.

From £13.00


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