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Lightweight Filler 4L

A two-pack, ultra-lightweight (0.57 kg/l), epoxy filler that can be used to build extremely high film thickness. It can be applied up to 35 mm, and can fill very big areas without having a big impact on the total weight of the boat. It is very easy to sand, but is more porous and leaves a more irregular surface than Finishing Filler, and so we recommend it is recoated with Finishing Filler after sanding and prior the application of an epoxy primer

Lightweight Filler is suitable for above and below-water applications. It is suitable as part of an epoxy coating system on metal, GRP or wood substrates.

Feature Details
Drying time @ 23°C 18 hours
Curing time @ 23°C 7 days
Coverage 0.2 m² per litre
Cleaner Thinners No. 17
Application method Trowel, pallet knife etc.
Lightweight Filler 4L
Product Features
  • Above & below the waterline
  • Easy to sand
  • Ultra lightweight
  • up to 35mm per application
Not Available Online

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