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Steelmaster 900WF

Advanced waterborne thin film intumescent coating, offering up to 90 minutes protection with less coats so saving time & manpower. For use on internal structural steels, in up to C3 environments. Available in 5 litre tins and 18.5 litre drums in white.

- Easy application by airless spray, or by hand

- Reduced application time

- Reduced site costs

- Environmentally compliant - low VOCs

Steelmaster 900WF passed all relevant tests and approvals by Certifire, an independent third party certification scheme internationally recognised for ensuring the quality, performance, durability and traceability of fire protection products.

As Steelmaster is a product that is used to protect lives, SML & Jotun take our obligations seriously and aim to ensure that all applications of Steelmaster products are done correctly. To ensure this, it is necessary to perform a calculation using sophisticated software to provide a detailed paint specification that takes into account the length of protection required, beam dimensions, degree of exposure and method of application.  We provide this service free of charge.  Please contact us on 01285 862132 before placing your order. If required, we are also able to provide a certificate of conformity, which, along with the paint specification will provide confirmation of fire protection provided that the specified film thickness of paint is applied.

Available in 18.5 litre tins in white only. If you require a different colour topcoat Conseal Touch-up is approved for use over Steelmaster 60WB and comes in a huge range of colours.

Please note that Steelmaster is very susceptible to frost damage and must be stored at temperatures above 5C.

Feature Details
Dry to overcoat at 23 C 6 hours
Application method Airless spray, brush or roller
Steelmaster 900WF
Steelmaster 900WF
Product Features
  • Environmentally compliant - low VOC
  • Lower film thickness requirement
  • Reduced application time
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