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Discontinued Topcoats

We have a range of topcoat paints, from traditional alkyds like Pilot II or modern silicone alkyds like LUSTRE Gloss and Low Sheen through to advanced two-pack polyurethanes like LUSTRE Gloss and Satin and Hardtop AX . As a general rule the single pack paints are slightly easier to apply and are less expensive, whereas the two-pack paints are much more durable, hard-wearing and keep their gloss and colour much longer. look in Deck Paints for hardwearing topcoats which are good for decks and Varnishes for clear topcoats.

The SML LUSTRE range has been formulated to give the best possible finish for leisure users applying with a brush and roller and are available in 1 liter and 2.5 litre tins. The Jotun range provides the best value, is more suited for spray application and come in 5 liter tins or larger.

Topcoats  are available in virtually any colour and also in a range of different gloss levels. 


Hardtop AS has been discontinued and replaced by the superior Hardtop AX.

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Hardtop AS Aluminium has been discontinued. A newer and superior product is Hardtop AX Aluminium.

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A single pack coating that provides protection to steel exposed to extreme high and/or low temperatures. Jotatemp 650 can operate in dry temperatures ranging from cryogenic (-185°C) to above 650°C. Available in 5 Litre cans.

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Ultra Topcoat has been discontinued. An alternative product is Pilot ll.

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WaterFine Topcoat has been discontinued. An alternative product is Pilot WF.

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