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Paint Systems for Small Boats

For smaller boats the most convenient and cost effective paint systems involve single pack primers and topcoats. In the vast majority of cases small boats don't remain in water for prolonged periods and therefore do not require the extra protection offered by two-pack paints. Two-pack paint also have a limited pot life which means that once the two components have been combined anything that is not used within a certain time period must be discarded. When painting smaller areas this can lead to a significant percentage of the paint being thrown away.

If you have a wooden boat the the recommended paint system is to use Vinyguard Silvergrey 88 as a primer both above and below the waterline. If painting onto wood for the first time the first coat should be thinned (using Thinners No. 7) by as much as 50% to increase penetration into the substrate. This should then be followed by one un-thinned coat above the waterline and two or three below the waterline. Vinyguard should then be overcoated with one of the four products:


TopOne - a top quality, high gloss modified alkyd that is drawn from Jotun's yacht range. This offers the best gloss and colour retention of the single pack paints. TopOne is available in eight colours and should be used above the waterline only.


Ultra Topcoat - a high gloss modified alkyd with properties comparable to TopOne. It is available in virtually any colour and should only be used above the waterline.


Pilot II - a high gloss traditional oil based and it available in virtually any colour. Pilot II offers excellent value for money, but doesn't have the gloss and colour retention offered by Ultra Topcoat. For use above the waterline only.


Pioner Topcoat - a semi-gloss acrylic topcoat that can be used below the waterline. Pioner Topcoat is available in virtually any colour.


When painting fibreglass, GRP or gelcoat there are typically three scenarios:-


1) Painting bare GRP, fibreglass or gelcoat. In this instance apply Penguard HB and then one of the topcoats above (with the exception of Pilot II)


2) Painting a combination of existing paint and bare GRP, fibreglass or gelcoat. This is more complicated as the recommended paint system depends on the type of paint already applied - please contact us for more information.


3) Painting over an existing paint. Provided that the existing paint is in a good condition apply Vinyguard Silvergrey 88 followed by any of the topcoats above.


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