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Physically Drying Paints

These are single pack products and are used as both primers and topcoats. They dry purely as a result of solvent evaporation from the paint film.  The solvent they contain is usually fast evaporating (such as xylene) resulting in very quick drying times.  Examples of these paints are:

Vinyguard Silvergrey 88 - this is a vinyl-acrylic primer/undercoat that can be used as a primer onto steel and can be overcoated with single pack topcoats. Vinyguard Silvergrey 88 is also a tie-coat underneath antifouling.

Pioner Topcoat - this is a waterproof acrylic topcoat that is available in virtually any colour. It gives a semi-gloss finish.

Conseal Touch-Up - this is a primer and topcoat combined with a satin finish.  It can be used direct on bare steel and is widely used to paint shipping containers, railings, structural steel, vessel superstructures etc.

Pilot ACR - similar to Conseal but can be applied at temperatures down to -15C.

Because these paints dry purely by evapouration of the solvent if you add solvent back to a dry paint it re-liquifies. The implication of this is that when applying a second coat (or applying an acrylic topcoat over an acrylic primer) the solvent in this second coat will slightly dilute the previously applied paint, meaning the two layers become physically bonded to each other. The two coats will never flake off each other as they are effectively one paint film. This also means that if you need to touch up the topcoat in years to come no rubbing down us required - simply ensure that the surface is clean and dry prior to painting.  On the negative side, these paints do not have good solvent and chemical resistance - petrol, for example, will soften the coating.  They also soften at temperatures over 35C. This is important to bare in mind when thinking of overcoating them with oil based paints, especially if the existing paint film is reasonably thick. The potential problem occurs because when the temperatue increases the underlying paint will very slightly flex and the oil based product on top won't. This can cause the new topcoat to crack off the underlying coating.

We recommend Pioner Topcoat, Pilot ACR & Conseal TU in situations where speed of drying and the ability to touch up easily are the prime considerations.  The fact that they are quick drying makes it difficult to keep a wet edge, so for good results they are best sprayed.

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